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Cake FAQ's:

1) Do you bake from scratch?

Technically, all of my cakes are made from scratch, however, a few of my recipes do call for a cake mix as one of the ingredients. Regardless, all of the ingredients used are top quality and the final product is always amazingly good!

2) Are you licensed?

On June 11, 2012, newly signed legislation changed the licensing requirements for home food operations in New Hampshire.  Under these new requirements, I am no longer required to be licensed.  However, I do still have to follow some of the same requirements of licensed operations.  Regardless of the licensing requirments, I operate using proper food handling practices and I am also ServSafe certified. 

3) Do you deliver?

Yes. For cake orders exceeding $100, delivery to within a 15-mile-radius of Lancaster, New Hampshire is free. The charge beyond that area is $1.00 per mile (each way).

4) Can you ship a cake?

Unfortunately, shipping is not offered.

5) Do you offer cake consultations and/or tastings? Is there a fee?

Yes for wedding cakes only. Consultations are free and by appointment only. For tastings - because I bake to order, I don't have cake readily available to sample.  Therefore, I try to set aside a day every month where I'll book multiple one hour appointments to meet with potential clients and offer 5-6 of my cakes that have been freshly made up to try.  My cake tasting fee is $25 per couple (or two people) and $10 extra for each additional person. If an order is placed, the $25 fee will be credited towards the final price of the wedding cake. Any additional fees will not be credited. Six person maximum allowed and preferably no children please. If you are interested in attending a tasting or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact me.  

6) What is your order/payment policy?

For wedding cakes I require a $100 non-refundable deposit. This will hold the date and will be applied towards the final cost of the cake. Final payment is due two weeks prior to the wedding date. For occasional cakes, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total cost is required when the order is placed. Balance is due upon receipt of the cake. 

Please note:  inquiries or consultations, regardless of type, do not guarantee availability. Orders are not reserved until a deposit is received and a contract is signed.

Deposits and payments are accepted in cash, check or money orders and can also be processed online via PayPal invoicing (PayPal account not necessary - all major credit cards accepted). All credit card payments will be subject to a processing fee.

7) Do you have any recommendations for those on a budget?

YES!  The cake is NOT an item that you want to skimp on!  I don't say this for my benefit, I'm saying this because it's true.  If you're on a budget, there are many other things you can cut costs on other than the cake.  Look at it this way - you never see people taking pictures of your chair bows, centerpieces, and fancy decorations and how many of those favors get left behind?  Your cake is an integral part of your special day. It will be highly photographed and commented on.  Above all, it will be consumed and not walked away from and the end of the night.  If you want some great REALISTIC advice on wedding budgets, etc. check out Debi Brim's blog at  Two of my favorite articles of hers are "Going math dumb" and "Debi's 60% rule".

8) How soon before my event should I order my cake?

This is a tough one.  With wedding cakes, I'd say at least three months in advance but four or more would be even better, especially if you're getting married during "prime season" (which is usually May - October).   With occasional cakes, I recommend at least two weeks in advance.  A quick note - I am only a one-person operation so I do limit how many cakes I book (particularly with wedding cakes) on any given day so that I can be assured that I have the proper amount of time to dedicate to the details of your special cake.  Consequently, I do book up quickly.

9) Do you provide fresh flowers for cakes?

No. Any flowers you want to be placed on your cake must be ordered from your florist and delivered to your event location. Your florist will be able to help you select flowers and foliage that are safe to be placed on your cake. I prefer that any flower stems put into the cake be wrapped. Although I am by no means a florist, I will be happy to place flowers on your cake for you. If you prefer to have your florist do this, a prior arrangement must be made with them.

10) You don't offer sheet cakes? Why not?

It's just a personal preference. My specialty is "creating" cakes that are not only more dimensional than sheet cakes, but more personalized and unique to those they're being made for.

11) How should my wedding cake table be decorated?

To enhance the appearance of your wedding cake, it is nice to have the cake table decorated so that is stands out from the other tables at your wedding reception. Simple things like a scattering of rose petals, candles, decorative colored marbles, fresh greenery, etc. are always a nice touch. I will be happy to do this for you by request. 

Note:  I do not have any cake stands or cupcakes stands available.  If this is an item you want to have, you will have obtain them on your own, or you can check with your venue to see if they have anything they can provide.

12) What happens if I need to reschedule my event?

Should you have to change your event date, I will do my best to accommodate you but cannot guarantee the new date will be open. The cancelation policy is outlined in the client contract.

13) What do you think of fondant? Does it taste bad?

Fondant is an amazing product that is great to work with. When it is used to cover an entire cake, it provides a smooth and elegant appearance. It's also great for making decorations and adornments, along with sugar flowers. However, fondant does seem to have a bit of a bad reputation. Personally, I don’t think it's the taste of fondant that bothers people as much as it is the texture.

Traditionally, cake is iced in buttercream and we are all accustomed to that. Fondant, however, is still a foreign substance to a lot of people so it's second nature to balk at it. My advice: don’t knock it until you try it. As far as the taste, some fondants do taste better than others. Rule of thumb: the better the quality, the better the flavor. I have made my own fondant, but for convenience sake, I prefer to work with Satin Ice® and Fondariffic®. I use mostly vanilla or buttercream flavors which taste like a cross between marshmallow and vanilla Tootsie Rolls®. .

14) Do you offer anything other than cakes & cupcakes?

Yes. I have done cookie favors for weddings along with other many other dessert items. If this is something you're interested in, I'd be happy to discuss it with you further.

15) I'm planning to have my reception outdoors. Will the cake be okay?

Outdoor weddings are beautiful but they can have their drawbacks. Two things that are tough on cakes, especially in the summer months -- heat & bugs. Due to high butter content, icing is very susceptible to the heat. Ideally, the optimal temperature for your cake would be no higher than 75 degrees, but that is not always possible, especially outdoors. Recommended placement for your cake is in a cool spot in the shade, under a tent, away from sides or windows.

When it's really hot out, I would suggest keeping your cake in cool area or air-conditioned location and delay putting it on display until about an hour before cutting it. Bugs can also be a problem due to the sweet smell. They buzz around, land and then get stuck in the icing - yuck! If you're having an summer outdoor wedding, your may want to consider fondant covering your cake as it holds up better in the heat and bugs are less likely to stick to it.

16) My friend offered to make cupcakes for my wedding to save me money, but I also want a small wedding cake for pictures and to have something to cut at the ceremony, it this something you could do?

Unfortunately, no.  I have a strict non-compete policy.  I will not allow my cake to be served along side someone else's at any function.  This may sound like a ridiculous rule, but  it's my reputation that's at stake.  I have no way of knowing whether the quality of the other cake is up to my standards, and those eating it have no way of knowing it's not mine.  This rule eliminates that worry.