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baby shower cake

Cake Prices:

bride eating cakeWedding Cake Prices:

  • Buttercream: $3.25 per serving.
  • Fondant: $3.75 per serving.
  • Cupcakes: $2.50 each & up.
  • Kitchen Cakes – see details below.

$200 Minimum Order Required on Wedding Cakes (no exceptions)
Wedding cake orders placed less than two months prior to the event date may be subject to an additional "rush charge."

Occasional Cake Prices:

Because occasional cakes are so individualized, it's almost impossible to have a set pricing structure.  Basically, the per serving price is same as described above, however, additional charges for complex designs or design elements may be involved so it's best to call for an estimate.

$50 Minimum Order Required for Occasional Cakes
(Sorry... Sheet Style Cakes are not offered.)
Two weeks notice required when ordering an occasional cake. Subject to availability.

Wedding Cake Serving Size & General Information:

Cake serving size is typically 1½" deep x 2" wide x 4" high. Cakes are priced out per serving. Intricate designs and specialty decorations may be extra. Costs will be calculated based on the total number of servings a cake will yield which may be just slightly above or below the number of servings you request.

  • Standard cakes are two-layers with a filling of choice.
  • Specialty cakes may be torted (cutting a regular 2-layer cake into 4 layers) with filling between each layer.
  • Taller tiers (6" & higher) can be done upon request, but will be subject to a higher per-serving price.

You can choose to have different flavors for each cake tier, however, I find it best to limit them to two. It makes it easier on those serving your cake and won't overwhelm your guests with too many choices. (Please note: my policy is two flavors only for three tiers and under. Minimum number of servings per flavor is 25.)

When trying to determine how much cake you'll need, consider the following:

  1. Don't feel pressured to order a cake serving for every invited guest or ones who've RSVPed. Not everyone will want a piece of cake (gasp!).  -- Cupcakes, however, can be a different story - Given their allure, and the common offering of more than one flavor,  the temptation to have more than one seems to be much greater!
  2. Are any other desserts being offered? If so, guests may choose something else over cake.
  3. The time the cake will be served is important. If it's later in the event, some guests may have left or are away from the table enjoying themselves.

bride eating cakeKITCHEN CAKES: Sometimes the number of cake servings needed exceeds that of which a particular cake design will yield, or a bride and groom may prefer to have a smaller main cake. In this instance more cakes, called kitchen cakes, are made up.

These cakes are kept in a separate area (usually the kitchen, hence the name) and cut up and served along with your main cake. I do not offer "sheet cake" style kitchen cakes. These extra cakes will be the same as your main cake. The difference being, they will only be iced with buttercream and not decorated.

*NOTE: Kitchen cakes are often promoted as a cost-saving option. However, because my kitchen cakes are just like a tier in the main cake, the price per serving remains the same. The savings would come into play if the main cake has a lot of intricate, labor intensive detailing, fondant or sugar flower work, etc.